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Rejillas de cartón

Solid board partitions

A conditioner that allows the separation of bottles or similar products within packaging.

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Rejillas de cartón ondulado

Cardboard partitions

Protects the packaging contents during transportation and storage. It's very economical and recyclable nature.

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Separadores de cartón

Cardboard pads

It's used to divide the different floors of stacked product. It provides stability and protection.

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Our customers say


Rachel Cambados

Rachel is responsible for logistics of a major multinational cosmetics.

From the first moment we started using their products, the breaks have decreased by 98%. Thank you for your service and keep doing the great work!


Ramón Llosas

Ramón is manager of a bottling company. He has over 40 years of experience in their sector.

We use their products because this way, we are sure that we increase the value of our products.


Luís Villar

Luis is a store manager of beverage distribution company. He is responsible for shipping the goods.

Since working with Rejillas de Cartón I have the assurance that the product always comes out in perfect condition. Thank you.


Elena García

Elena is responsible for export of an important laboratory. She must get the product at its destination in perfect conditions.

Our product is very delicate, and thanks to Rejillas de Cartón always arrives in perfect condition to our customers.